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This was completed in 2007. I'd been writing music since late 2004, and some of those early attempts (which didn't make it onto any albums or EPs) are on the music page near the bottom of the list. However, it was only by 2007, once I had finished the songs that are on this "Angels EP," that I decided to start grouping the songs into actual albums, EPs and so on. So this little EP was the first proper compiled bunch of songs that I had done. There was an earlier one called "Footprints EP" but I wasn't all that happy with it, so it was never an official release, as such.

The angel statue featured on the cover can be found in Halesowen churchyard, about halfway along the main path. (If you're looking towards the church from that main path, the impressive and pretty big statue is on the left of the path.) Are there purple trees behind it? That's for you to find out.

The original version of the EP had a remix as its fourth song, which was called "Angels Ending." I wasn't all that happy with the song, because it was extremely rushed and just seemed too much of a filler. So I replaced it with another track called "Elytheria" which also resurfaced on the "4am" album.