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This album was released fairly late in 2010, and it marked a return to feeling far more creative and enthusiastic about making music, for several important reasons. For a start, I put a lot of time into making the actual packaging more interesting, or at least that was the idea. The cover also formed a large centrepiece for the inlay, and the inlay had several pages that contained a little quote and a picture to accompany the seven colours of the rainbow.

Those seven colours were of course the theme for the main tracks on the album too. I mentioned that with the last two releases, I'd begun to lose interest in making music because it had started to become less of a challenge and too much of a routine. A friend, David Brinkworth, suggested scrapping the old method entirely, and recommended simply avoiding the quantise tools entirely. The idea was to use a MIDI keyboard to make the music, as I had done for several projects, but simply record improvised keyboard parts and leave them as they were without fixing the mistakes and any timing errors. That advice opened up a whole new world for me, and it was a huge boost for the enthusiasm, because I love improvisations, something that bands such as Talk Talk did extremely well.

So a large part of this album is entirely improvised, after recording sometimes half an hour of random synth doodles, and I then chopped out the bits that I liked the best, and worked them into the different songs. It does mean the songs have some timing errors that stand out quite a bit, but that gave the songs a looser, perhaps more live feel that I found far more enjoyable to work with. it also had teh major advantage that, since I'm not actually all that great at playing keyboards, I could never be quite sure what I was actually going to end up with, and that meant everything felt far more creative as a result.

The album also included several other songs that I added as bonus tracks. These included a song that I uploaded onto CCMixter for anyone to remix, so long as they didn't make any profit from it and I was credited. (So far no takers.) And the track called "Hide The Sad Songs" featured vocals, once again from CCMixter, that formed a spoken word piece by Eshar once again. The track called "Orange" had also originally been earmarked for a simple animated video, featuring a cartoon rabbit and a magic hat, but it proved to be far too difficult for me to put together at that time. Whether it will ever surface or if the idea will be used for a much more recent song, we may never know.