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This album is available to buy as a download from Bandcamp for just �4!

After becoming bigger than U2 in no less than 10 years, I decided to make way for others because it didn't seem fair to hog the limelight, but as a parting shot it made sense to put out a compilation.

Slightly more serious, I'm putting the "Snowkitten" music project on hold for now, having done all that I want to do with it at the moment. I'm keen to start a new project at some point, so it seemed to make sense to look through the songs I'd made under the "Snowkitten" name and select the ones I was the most pleased with. So that is the reasoning behind the choices here.

There were other tracks I would like to have included, but those were songs that used CC Licensed tracks and therefore this couldn't have been sold on Bandcamp. Those tracks, however, can easily be found in MP3 form on my main music page. A few of the longer songs have been edited down slightly, to help make room for more tracks on the compilation. Also, the final two songs are exclusive tracks for this album which haven't appeared on any of the other EPs or albums.

If anyone is interested in keeping track on any other projects, I'lll be keeping the "Work In Progress" page up to date once the new project takes shape. Also I'll be putting updates on my Snowkitten Facebook page if you wanted to keep track of things there.