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The first of two albums, both late 2009, that were meant to be companions for each other. ("Kael 2" being the perfect title for the second part, believe it or not.) Kael is a character in a story that I've been working on for years now, and although he was never a main character as such, the idea was that he was a singer, who did extremely theatrical performances and dances. He was killed on stage in the story, so I decided I'd try to create a collection of songs, across these two volumes, that would sort of represent the show that he did. I wasn't entirely happy with the results, although I did enjoy making these two albums, and there are some tracks I'm still proud of. But for the most part I think I could have done better. I think by this point, I was trying too hard to rush things out. All good experience nonetheless.

The cover was also the first appearance of the "official Snowkitten logo." Indeed so.