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A mini album which I completed early 2009, and who would have thought that an album with a title like "Seven" would just happen to have seven songs on it. The opening track was a 9 minute beast by the name of "Bridges 2" which was an attempt to improve an earlier song, cunningly entitled "Bridges." It was also the first collection where I included a remix, which was "Sunrise" and featured the vocals of Shannon Hurley, from CCMixter.

Another track on here featured guitars, for the first time. (And at this point the only time.) They were kindly provided by a good friend of mine, David Brinkworth - creator of The Modern Art Quartet. He sent me the guitar recordings on a CD and gave permission to try working them into a Snowkitten song, which is where "The Other Side" came from. I chopped the guitar recording into smaller parts and made various loops from it, and that song was the end result.