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This is an album from 2012, and originally it was an album that I hoped to make available for sale. Unfortunately things didn't work out for various reasons, and by the time I was in a position to actually try selling it, the album was nearly two years old. So I decided in 2014 that it was easier to make it available for free on the website. The album features the main 7 tracks, again built up from improvisations, and a set of bonus tracks.

The song called "Night Running" is pretty much a demo that never got entirely finished, "Flight Path" was made for a friend to accompany one of his flight sim videos, and "I Saw Four Hours Go Sailing By" was the result of a "see what you can put together within a strict 4 hour time limit" challenge. The track called "Wonderland" was also made for a friend, who used to create a comic based around the Alice stories. It featured some free vocals of a woman reading the story, which were in the public domain but unfortuately I wasn't able to credit her properly because she has since deleted her account and everything that was on it.

The cover was originally designed for a version of the album that featured a collection of my "furry" artwork but that didn't really take off quite as planned, at least not as yet. But it seemed a shame to waste the cover so I decided to use it for this audio version too. The character is Leana, one of several of my Snowkitten characters.