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An album from 2011, and intended (perhaps pretentiously) as a sort of concept album following a story of sorts. The album featured a large photo on the inside inlay that most people probably don't even know is there, knowing my luck. I used several bits of vocals, provided by the wonderful Snowflake from CCMixter, to form the backbone for this recording.

The album also contained several bonus tracks, namely a remix called "They Don't Control The Internet" which featured a rap from a talented guy by the name of Coruscate. There was also a sad little song called "I Miss You" which had a vocal line, once again from Snowflake. The track has a strange history, having originally been created in tribute to someone who had apparently died, and I later found out much to my disgust that it had been a scam. So I wasn't too impressed by that, but I did still like the song so there seemed little point in taking it off the album.

This album has an accompanying EP to go with it, cleverly called the Winter's End E.P.