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Although this is listed as a mini-album, from 2010, it did in fact contain ten songs. However, one track ("Moons Of Jupiter 2010") was a reworked and improved version of an older song from nearly 3 years earlier, and several others were a little more like sketches, or tidied up versions of other songs that had been lying around. Only the first 6 songs and the closing track were genuinally new and created specifically for this album. So I classed it as a mini-album. Just to be awkward.

The actual CD cases that I used for this release were round, to fit in with the moon theme, although it made it pretty difficult to put the actual cover together, for various boring reasons. Also, as mentioned in the explanation about the previous release ("Angels 2") I had very much fallen into the trap of just doing more or less the same thing over and over, when creating a song. It had become very much a routine and I'd lost a lot of the enthusiasm for actually making music. Without in any way wanting to sound like Billy Bighead, it seemed to have become too easy to put a song together, and the results seemed pretty mediocre. Luckily by the next release, "Colours," things had taken a more positive step.