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With many of the recent projects, (Nightlights, Winter's End, Bits And Pieces, etc) I had a theme in mind before I started putting the songs together. With this set of songs, there wasn't any particular theme - it was just a case of making a bunch of songs which, at the time, didn't even have an album title to gather them under. So there isn't really any connecting theme with these tracks. Mostly though, they're an upbeat set of songs.

A few of the songs were inspired by various characters from the most recent incarnation of the "My Little Pony" series, (known also as the "Friendship Is Magic" generation.) Those songs were "Little Wings" and "Flutter" (which go alongside the "Twilight Discoveries" track from the previous album.) Originally the "Flutter" track had various samples from the show, but they were removed because a) it didn't quite seem to work and b) there were obvious copyright concerns.

The track titled "Last Train" also needs a quick mention. There is another song, still on this website, called "The Last Train." But that track was written more or less back when I first started making music. As such, although there are a few bits I like in that older song, mostly I'm not that happy on it. I did however like the title and decided to reuse it for this album and a totally different piece of music. To make things that little bit more complicated, the "Last Train" track also used to be called "Synth Improv 2" because that's what it started out as - just an improvised experiment to see what happened. I liked the end results enough to make it into a full song and of course it then needed a new title.