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This album is available to buy as a download from Bandcamp for just �5!

This particular album is built up of reworked or remixed older songs. For a while now I'd wanted to go back to a few of the oldest tracks, pick out some of the ones I liked but felt could be improved, and these tracks were a result of that experiment. For the sheer thrill of it all, I may as well add a bit of information about each of the tracks from the album. (Which can be brought from Bandcamp via the link above.)

Elytheria 2 - On the Angels EP and 4am album, there was a track called Elytheria. I had a follow-up song in mind for the track, but it just didn't work out at the time. Once I started this Revisited collection, I thought I'd have one last try to finish the song and luckily this time around it all worked out okay.

Dreamers - This track was originally on the 4am album, but I wasn't happy with the sound levels for some of the instruments and drums. So those have been improved, and I also took the chance to re-record the solo.

Footprints - This track was on a very early EP called "Footprints" (oddly enough) but that one was only ever given out to a few friends, and never found its way onto the site. Being a very early song, there was certainly a lot that needed improving, so I've rewritten the chorus completely and replaced the solo.

Guardian Angels - This track was the opening song from the Angels EP, which I was mostly still happy with. But I altered the sound levels for some of the drums, and quite a few of the synths, and reworked the solo and ending.

Shimmer - Another track that hasn't ever been released on a CD or on this site. It was among the first 3 or 4 songs I wrote, but it just seemed too basic in its original form. So although I kept the foundations and some of the instruments, mostly it's been rewritten from the ground up.

Moon Dancer - This was from the first Kael album. I decided to replace the chorus and extend the ending.

Moons 4 - Mostly I wasn't keen on how the Full Moon album turned out, but this track was one that I still liked. So it seemed worthwhile remixing it and changing the latter half around quite a bit, so that it was more in line with the kind of thing I do now.

Bridges 2 - The behemoth 8 minute track from the Seven album, this was originally a mess of volume levels and drum sounds. So (I hope!) this version is a lot better all round, although the actual song itself hasn't been altered much.